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Here we are, a bunch of mad people creating some mad designs.

MADMASK was conceptualized to cater to the diverse design needs of our consumers. The thought to launch MADMASK came from one of the team lunch sessions (yes the entire team has lunch together at our workplace), when one of our team members brought up the topic of how boring the one's available in the market look, and that there was a genuine need for some interesting looking designs, catering to individual personalities.

The core thought behind MADMASK is to make head turning designs, which are superior in comfort and that give a sense of individuality to our consumers. Apart from offering a large collection of shapes and designs to choose from, we are also excited to give a customization option that you can use to upload your own pictures or preferred designs. Our endeavor would be to custom-make your own design and ship it to you in the least possible time.

Our parent company has been in the business of making bags and travel accessories for various fashion brands and private labels from across the world. Armed with this experience, we can assure you that, each MADMASK has been made with utmost care, carefully chosen materials which not only offer premium comfort, but also caters to the personality of each of our esteemed customers. Our products are tested to certain standards, while at the same time ensuring superior breathing comfort.

The designs and prints offered keep getting updated regularly, and we would be super happy to hear your feedback on the website and the product.

Wear a MADMASK, and if you like it, flaunt it. Nothing makes us happier than seeing satisfied customers post about their MADMASK.

We are a set of people who loves dogs and a part of the proceeds from the purchase of a MADMASK will be donated to various animal shelters across the country. If you would like to join us on one of our volunteering programs,please do write in to us at 

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